Monday, June 28, 2010

Improving Small Talk

I have conversation struggles. I imagine that those of you who know me are either thinking one of two things:

1.) You're telling me!


2.) HUH? You never shut up!

Well, that's part of the trouble. When I get nervous I chat (okay, ramble). It's a nervous habit. I also tend to ramble about myself, which is not always a good thing. LOL!! I was given some advice years ago as a pre-teen when I was encouraged by some adults to go and make friends with other pre-teen "strangers" at a park. I was very shy and told the adults I didn't know what to say. The advice I got was to smile and tell them about myself. OY! I am now recognizing the blunder in that.

Well, years later... I was in search of a little conversational help with my adult peers. I was also in search of a little help in improving my listening skills.

I found THIS awesome book and it is perfect for improving and learning to start up personal or professional conversations. I have read every page & highlighted a high percentage of the book. I now find it fun to have a conversation with a stranger. I make it a game to see how many strangers I can have a conversation with and what type of things I can find out about them.

Before this book I would rather give a public speech, teach a lesson, give a talk in church, etc... than go to a social event filled with strangers where I was expected to "mingle". It still isn't my FAVORITE thing, but I now enjoy it. I like people. I love socializing. I am enjoying finding things out about people and improving my communication skills.

I give this book my highest rating, it is so worth every penny I spent on it and every minute I read it. It has become a terrific go-to reference book for me!! Can't say enough good things about it!

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