Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today, it's about me...

This post is about me. It seems so egocentric, which is not me at all. In fact, I've historically had a tough time putting myself first at times, and I hate to be the center of attention.

It's been a long time coming but, I really like me right now. I'm proud of myself for accomplishing certain things, living through painful things, and not just surviving, but thriving!

I feel strong. I've learned strength is an endowed characteristic. It is not holding in the tears, it is crying and allowing yourself to feel the pain, then moving forward. Strength is not insisting on doing things alone, it is letting people in and relying on others compassion and love. It is also allowing God to lead and recognizing that you don't always know best.

For me, it is like finding the path you've been searching for. Your very own path, that runs along side the path the whole family or marriage walks on. It's a path that goes on, even if the path next to it stops abruptly or takes a wrong turn. It feels good to be on the path, to move forward and gain strength with each new step.

So, I'll share a few of my "steps" with you, to give you an idea where I'm headed...

1. I recently started to run with my son. We started out a half mile and my goal is to run a half marathon in October 2011 with my cousin Carie and friend Amy.

2. Continue to go to BSU next semester. To approach the learning process with a good attitude and lots of hard work.

3. To continue to get healthier by biking, eating well and taking care of my spiritual/emotional well-being.

4. Continue to make new friends by taking advantages of opportunities to get to know others and creating opportunities as well.

5. Start a "bucket list"

6. To nurture my relationships to the best of my ability