Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KIDS and their STUFF!

This article caught my eye today. Organization being my ambition lately, having just moved and having lost some pretty important stuff in this clutter I'm surrounded by.

I liked this idea the most:

...invite your child to pick a few toys that he has outgrown. Together, pick a charity or friend who will be your beneficiary. If saying good-bye is hard, take a picture so that your child can preserve the memory in an album of outgrown toys. Let giving away toys be a ritual by which you celebrate your child's growth.

My oldest is a memory keeper. My youngest is just in denial about thinking he still plays with certain toys. I have already started an album of artwork/schoolwork through Shutterfly. I take the photo, add it to the album and toss the paperwork/artwork. GASP!! Well, I do save a few favorites, but MOST has to go! I just don't have the space to store a box for each kid, each year of elementary school. That would be about 24 cubic feet.

... I LOVE the idea of adding photos of beloved toys/stuffed animals/memorabilia. Easy, relatively cheap, and it will sure weigh a lot less and be easier to pack up for the next move! I mean think about it: you return to your parents home for a visit and mom hands you about 16 large boxes of all the stuff she's saved for you. Wouldn't you rather have a book with photos and stories of the beloved items. I am so all over this!


  1. I take pictures of their artwork too. We have this cork strip thingy in the hallway. They can hang their artwork their for a week and then we throw it away. Work great for us!!

  2. Great idea!!! Wish I had know about this when my kids were little....oh, wait a minute - there were no computers and Internet then. ;-)