Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MOVING.... so fun!



So, THIS is my mess... at least a tiny part of it. Moving is always a lot of work, this move has seemed like twice that for a variety of reasons. Of course this is the first move we have done ourselves since being newly married. We've accumulated a LOT of stuff. To complicate matters, although I labeled boxes very well (if I may brag), we have opened them all and rummage through looking for missing items. Items are scattered, boxes are no longer as stackable. Chaos.

I am making some progress. These photos are of the downstairs of our house, and I will post more when I'm done. The good thing about moving is that you have the perfect opportunity to purge unneccessary stuff. I've already had a large garage sale and hauled off 3 van-fulls of stuff to GoodWill or the DI Truck at the S.J. Stake Center. Now, for another round...
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