Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's General Conference Time!!

I LOVE General Conference!! I've looked forward to it for months and have some fun activities planned for the family as we gather around the TV.

Perhaps you've seen some of these activities, but if not here are a few links to help make watching General Conference a bit easier with the kids... has a few activities you can print off HERE: activity packets, Conference Squares (bingo)

HERE is a blog that I'm so glad I found with a few conference awards. I LOVE the caterpillar with multiple body parts to discuss the talks. I think we are going to do that for the overall message as conference is going along, we will take turns filling out the body circles. It is very adorable. The testimony growing flowers are super cute too! I am loving

One spot to always find a bunch of fun ideas regarding most anything is I use it all the time to help me prepare my Primary lessons that I teach on Sundays. HERE is a general search on General Conference at sugardoodle. The personalized magic carpets are a brilliant idea to keep little ones still. There are activity packets for multiple age groups here.

WHAT WE ARE DOING: I combined parts from a packet for youth and senior primary packet to keep my kids on their toes listening to the talks in an active way. I also am doing one of the bingo games and letting them use Jelly Beans as markers. When they here a specific word (like prayer, missionary work, pioneer, etc... ) they mark the square. I also thought that I would start to have a few traditional foods for Conference.

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