Wednesday, May 26, 2010 parents love me... know how I know?

They gave me one of these...

One night they came over and saw that I had purchased one of these. It sat by the front door still in it's box...

They said "take it back, you can have ours!" (Mom said it streaks her wood floors)

You see, I don't know where I have been but, I have not known about this little gadget. I first saw it when I was at the gym and due to treadmill boredom I watched an employee clean up the dirty "rain tracked" floors. After my workout I got a bit of a closer look and I almost offered to clean part of the floor myself but, I thought that the girl may think I had lost my mind. So, I asked twenty questions. How does it work? How does it clean? Do you love it? Is it easier? blah... blah...

Upon the gym employee's words of praise I started to search the weekly ads for a sale. Finding one, I purchased the Shark Steam Mop and fortunately my parents paid a visit before I cleaned my floors.

What do I think? I LOVE IT!! I was a bit scared after reading some of the online reviews, so happy they are wrong. I think my LEAST favorite household chore is mopping. It is such a pain, and I've always had a enormous amount of tile flooring that makes the job tempting to procrastinate until I can no longer avoid it.

I think it is a miraculous product. True, it is not perfect... but it's very close! I couldn't get it to work at first (no steam would come out) but called the customer service number and they said it was probably due to water being left it it during months of no usage. They told me to shake it real hard and I admit, I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard it. After a thorough shaking it has worked each and every time.

This gadget makes cleaning my tile flooring 10x easier, it ranks right up there with the dishwasher on my list!

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