Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Motherhood

I'm very grateful for the opportunity God has given me to be a mother. I take this responsibility seriously. I think it's the most important thing I could do in my lifetime. Raising these two, to not only be responsible citizens, but to have great character and morals, to LOVE God and follow His plan, to honor themselves and their family, to achieve greatness. It's a big job; trust me I've felt the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders!! I believe I am a great mom! My kids make me proud; they're making me look like a success! That said, I'm always looking for ways to be better and the challenges of motherhood are constantly shifting with the children's growth.

I have a friend that I've always thought was the best mother to her boys. In my younger motherhood years I used to believe it was her gift, her talent, and that she was just a better mom than most others.

I'm a little wiser now and although I recognize that she has a gift and talent in her abilities as a mother and I still believe she IS a fabulous mom role-model, I finally see WHAT she does differently that sets her apart from other great mothers. She lives the advice that Sister Wixam gives in this conference address:

She teaches her kids in everyday moments. She bears her testimony often in simple yet powerful ways and with enthusiasm. She creates spiritual opportunities like a scrapbook about her testimony, visiting temple grounds around the country, service, researching her son's priesthood lineage, and supporting her kids spiritual needs. She lives as an intentional mother, with clear focus of her end goal that keeps her perspective as it should be.

I LOVED this talk by Sister Wixam. These things stood out to me:

1. Reach out to "hold" onto our children... anchor them on the path of faith
2. Hold TIGHT to the rod ourselves. Set an example for our children
3. Read scriptures together - the Spirit will increase in our homes
4. The world will teach our children if we do not
5. Teach what we want them to know 5 years from now
6. Teach in everyday moments


  1. Jenny, A post! A post! Loved finding your thoughts on my google reader this morning.

    I loved your synopsis of Sister Wixon's talk. "Teach your children what you want them to know in five years" is soooo profound. I totally missed that idea and think that that kind of vision is so wise. It does seem 'too late' at the moment of decisions.

    That picture gives me happy chills. You are beautiful and the kids are perfect. Loved this line, "I believe I am a great mom!" It strikes me that feeling that healthy, wonderful way must be personal revelation--internal validation. What a gift. I tend to wonder if I am 'enough'. I so admire your journey to the sweet assurances and confidence in your most important work. I love you--

  2. THANK YOU Val! You must know YOU are the friend that I talked about! I often wish I was able to just be a fly on a wall with a pen and notebook to take notes from all I would learn from your great mothering skills!

    Love you too! ((HUGS))