Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching Up....

I teach Primary at church, it's like Sunday School. The kids are six years old and I really enjoy teaching them. I try to keep things interesting because it makes it fun and keeps them quite. I am also thinking it helps the kids to remember the lessons.

Here are some ideas I used around Valentines Day.

First: this was my gift to the kids. It is a bag topper stapled to a sandwich baggie. You could fill the baggy with anything. I chose this big heart for the message, but one of the kids is allergic to all types of sugars and he had to have pretzels in his. The clipart of the Savior was found at and the blue heart is a Microsoft word clipart image.

Second: Lessons are best when kids can participate. I had several "case scenarios" that the kids had to tell me if they were good choices or bad choices. I typed the red numbers in Microsoft Word and used a circle punch to cut them out. Laminate, if possible, and place on a tray. Put a cookie on top of each number. The kids select a cookie and answer the question that corresponds to the number underneath the cookie they chose. You could use graham crackers or even felt cookies like these. This idea would also work well for Family Home Evening.

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