Sunday, March 21, 2010

A new St. Patrick's Day Tradition

Shame on me... life got a bit complicated. Lots of doctor appointments going on here. Specialists, new diagnoses and all the fun stuff that comes with those.

Awhile back our 11 year old complained that I did not ever celebrate St. Patricks Day. Apparently it is not enough to wear green. I had to get a bit more creative, like I do for other holidays. Of course Family Fun has some great ideas. That's where I found this one. It was simple and the kids enjoyed the new tradition! Instead of buying all the fruit individually, I bought a fruit bowl at Wal-mart. I figure that saved me a ton of money since it is not peak season for much of the fruit right now. The "clouds" are canned whipped topping...

A rainbow and the treasure at the end of it....

1 comment:

  1. I SO love this idea! How adorable is that rainbow?!! And that's my kind of treasure at the end of it. ;)