Monday, March 21, 2011

A day in the trenches

What a day! My tongue is still numb from the too hot herbal lemon "tea" I drank this morning. It was suppose to numb my sore throat, but my tongue got in the way. I'm drinking Vitamin Water Zero's like my tongue is actually on fire. Trying to drown the germs; I'm going to pretend it's working.

English class was a bit better than normal. The thing I hate about that class is that all the kids (my classmates) do not talk. They are as unsocial with one another as I have ever seen a class be. 30 kids (counting myself, haha) and silence. So, I'm sniffling and blowing my nose into wads of stiff cheap toilet paper, the type that public restrooms stock, and nobody in my group of 8 will read the Journal. We are discussing peer-reviewed articles and how scholarly journals are composed. The assignment is to pick one of the articles inside. My group hands the Journal "Criminology" to me. I cough into the inside of my elbow and blow my nose. "Really?" I asked in a croak. Silence. Yes, really. So, I flip open to the first article. In a congested nasal voice I read. Cough, read, sneeze, read, blow nose, read, and the kids look on as I read about a link found between the homicides of strangers and capitol punishment and media attention. I hope none of these kids are in my literature class next semester. SIGH.

I study all morning to re-take my math test. It's the first test I've had to re-take, I got a 77% the first time around. I am really good at forgetting the negative sign or copying the problem down wrong. It's very frustrating. So, I study and I feel ready. I'm going to get a hundred and that will put my overall class score back to 99%. Nope, I got an 84%. That is such a bummer! It's not a horrible score, I suppose, except to me. I'm still at a 92% overall, but that is just too close to a B (89%). I really need to learn to give myself an occasional break, you know? So, I'm working hard at holding my head up, which now feels like a bowling ball. My muscles ache, and I wish I could climb into a deep tub filled with hot water and bubbles. I need soothing music and some pretty smelling candles, even though I don't think my nose is working right now.

So, as soon as I do a research assignment, drop Scotty off at Jiu Jitsu, pick up Caitlin from volleyball practice, pick up Scotty from Jiu Jitsu, fix the family dinner, and study for my government quiz I'm going to treat myself to that tub soak. I hope I can stay awake long enough, LOL!

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