Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worm Guts

So, I'm enjoying the fresh air the rain brings. It is invigorating, especially in the cool morning temperatures! I love how much good the rain brings. It brings freshness, bathes the earth, waters the grass, plants and beautiful flowers. It provides us with a very needed resource: water.

Of course there are some not so pleasant things about rain... the frizzy hair, the wetness, the big puddles, umbrellas, mud and... the worm guts all over the sidewalks here at BSU, from being trampled among thousands of feet. It felt a little bit like navigating through a mine field (with less consequences, of course, for the miss step). At some points I chose to carry my rolling bag, thankfully it is lighter today.

Thinking about these poor worms and the ugliness of the worm guts, I thought it was too bad rain brings them out to the surface. How like real life that is. Real life brings so much joy and good into life and... "worm guts" too. We have to navigate around them; sometimes we can't avoid them and cringe our way through every step.

We all have our share of "worm guts" don't we?

A nice lady opened the door for me here in the Liberal Arts Building. She and I got into what Caitlin would call an "inappropriate conversation with a stranger". (Caitlin is of the opinion that I talk to strangers too much. I enjoy striking up conversation with people I don't know and find it friendly; it embarrasses her.) Anyhow, we talked about the worm guts and she observed, "I walked through the park to get to campus this morning and the birds are having a great time!"

That made me smile. How very optimistic those birds are and what full tummies they must have! I think I need to concentrate on seeing the good in "worm guts." Although, that's not an announcement that I'm going to enjoy "eating them".

I'm sure if we look at the "worm guts" in our lives, those things we don't like and try to side step, we can find something good from the bad. It's not easy; "worm guts" are unsightly. But, carefully we can walk through life and avoid most of them and be sure to clean up the rest. The big key is smiling through every step!

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  1. Love it! Darn the worm guts, but yay for the birds that come along and save us from even more of them.