Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gift Wrapping Cuteness

I have a cute little Brazilian friend named Paula. She is just as adorable as you can imagine and very, very sweet. When we lived near her in San Jose she would bring me or the kids gifts. Often they were cute little plates of homemade goodies. She would cover them with cellophane wrap and tied them shut with ribbon. She made cute little tags using the little pre-colored wooden cutouts from Michaels Craft Store, and they just made the package so adorable.

So, when it came time to wrap up a few gifts for my new little nephew I thought of those cute little wooden cutouts from Michaels. The ones I picked up are approximately $1 each and they have little felt pieces on them for added texture and cuteness.

For these packages I just used my glue dots to attach them to the wrapping. You could also drill a hole in the top and attach them with ribbon. Michaels has several designs.. these two (the turtle and the puppy) are a few of my favorites. I also like the zebra and the blue elephant!

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