Monday, November 30, 2009

Meal Planning- Part I

You are going to LOVE what I found today. Pocket Full of Posies sells these very efficient and pretty meal planning systems. I just had to order one. You see, this is sorta new for me to plan out the week and actually shop for and stick with the menu!

Scotty and I have several bigger ticket wish list items and we have decided that we can get some of the fun stuff sooner if we limited the food budget more. I may have mentioned (a few times, ahem) that our dinosaur computer is acting up. It's not behaving itself and I can't blog or do any of the fun stuff. We have decided to get a Mac, and not just any Mac but the newest, sweetest Mac they sell. We don't replace our computer that often and we are really both needing a much more powerful system to keep up with our hobbies and play.

Anyhow, meal planning has been a tool for me to keep to my new food budget. I usually plan out the menu, shopping trip and type up a "plain-jane" menu to post on the fridge. But, this new Monthly Pocket System is going to be very cool! I can hardly wait for it to come. I just ordered one set of their menu/recipe cards. I'll probably use a lot of my own recipes since we have picky tastes in this family...

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  1. That is such a great idea! All of my previous attempts at meal planning have not worked very well. This looks really easy! Thanks for the link!