Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Crafts

Yesterday I picked up the wood kit to make this pumpkin for my sign hanger. I forgot to attend the class I had signed up for last Saturday, even though I spent most of the previous week looking forward to it. Go figure?

The pumpkin and the FALL letters/acorns were bought as kits, at a local scrapbooking store... but, the gal (Nicole) who makes them and teaches the class also has a blog, sweetpickledesignscompany.

I just love her stuff, and can't wait to see her Christmas hanger. My guess is that it will be a tree; Caitlin thinks it will be a candy cane. We'll see! If you didn't see the Halloween Spider hanger, check him out. He was a bit harder to do as the teeth are all itty bitty individual pieces. Still easy though, don't be scared off by that!!

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the Thanksgiving decorations I've set up around the house...
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  1. I went to the Sweet Pickles blog after you did the Spider to check it out and I totally want to order some of her stuff but I don't think she checks the blog very often. The etsy store looks a little abandoned too. I love those "fall" letters

  2. Hmmm, I've always placed my orders through the store. She did say that she had some more stuff to post, but I know she's been very busy getting ready for a holiday craft show. I think that it was last weekend. Meant to go, but forgot. I have her email though and I've NEVER had a problem getting my stuff.