Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bringing the Spirit into Christmas

I enjoyed an article in the Idaho Statesman this past weekend about a few local Baptist churches who are doing something called "Advent Conspiracy".

Often I've wondered how to make the Christmas season a more spiritual one for my family and this article gave me a few new ideas...

First: They ask their members to buy one less gift this season and to give the money to a charity instead. You can choose your own charity or go to the store with the kids and let them pick out a gift & drop it off at the local fire station. This is an activity on our advent calendar I just made. The kids will use their allowance.

Second: The article asks: "What did Jesus give? The answer: He gave Himself." Service & Love should be demonstrated throughout the year, but certainly even more so around Christmas in gratitude, celebration and rememberance of our Savior.

Here are a few service ideas for around the home and in the community:

December Service Ideas

Third: Give more presence and fewer presents. You hear all the time about how kids just really want more time with their parents. I believe it!

In October I celebrated my birthday. Instead of stuff this year I asked for a weekend away with my husband. He took me to Seattle and we saw Joseph & the Technicolor Dream Coat, took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, enjoyed a dinner with friends we hadn't seen in ten years +, and had a fun Seattle-style breakfast downtown. I loved it! Best gift ever, it was great for our relationship and a lot of fun! I had my husband's complete attention and he had mine- that doesn't happen a whole lot with our responsibilities.

Fourth: Homemade gifts that take time, thought and sacrifice to make will limit commercialism and encourage giving from the heart. Knit a scarf, make a scrapbook, frame a favorite photo, a favorite dessert, an album of photographs, a coupon book for service or activities....

I know more of you are reading this blog than leave quotes, so share some love and tell me:

What do you do to make Christmas less commercialized and Spiritual?

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