Monday, December 7, 2009

A Seasonal Barn Star

I love barn stars!! Decorating them with scrapbook paper is a fun to way to make a cute seasonal ornament to hang onto a tree or a door knob. Maybe you've seen these all over the internet. I've been noticing them for awhile now.

I didn't use any one's instructions, just winged it. It was simpler to make than I suspected it would be.

Here's what I did: You press a piece of regular white printer paper on top of the star, bending it so it's tight against a point. Trace it; cut out the pattern. Trace the pattern onto the decorative paper; cut out. Slather a matte paper mache' onto the backside of the patterned paper and onto the point of the star. Glue down, pressing to make sure it doesn't bubble and the edges are stuck tight. (use your fingers to gently rub) Let it dry for several hours on wax paper and string a ribbon through one point (mine already had a hole).
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  1. I love this! I am swinging by Hobby Lobby to get some stars. You've twisted my arm ;)