Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Shelf: The Stolen One

The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

I didn't really have time for a lot of reading this week, but thanks to a fever that comes and goes and all of the aches and pains with it, I was sorta forced into it. (I had an enjoyable time though!)

It took me several weeks to get through the first two (short) chapters, once I got through them I was hooked! 406 pages later... I give it a four and a half stars. (Amazon readers gave it 5 stars).

I love historical fiction books and this one takes place in the mid 1500's. A poor young woman on a quest to find her birth mother. Her talent with a sewing needle brings her to the palace, where it seems that none can be trusted. It is more of a mystery than a romance novel. Cowley does a fantastic job of transporting you there. I loved that with her descriptions I could envision England and it's citizens, fine clothing to poor rags, the story setting seemed real from the country shacks and the Queen's quarters. I loved that the characters had real life qualities, talents and imperfections.

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