Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Storytime: The Titan's Curse

Each night at bedtime I read to the kids. We have two kids, ages 11 1/2 and about to turn 9. They have always loved storytime and I have always loved storytime. It's OUR thing. I love that they love books.

We finished our latest book last night. The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan (the 3rd in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series). I was very hesitant about starting this series. I was unsure that reading about Greek myths was a wise thing. Would it confuse my impressionable 8 year old? Here it talks about gods who are nothing like the God I have taught our children about. I decided to read it with them and I think that it was a wise choice.

These books are such exciting, well written books. I do love the adventure, the characters, and the humor. Each chapter feels like a cliff-hanger in the adventure. You don't want to stop reading but, the parched throat and the stifled yawns help to remind me to wrap it up for the night. I will admit that on occasion I have been tempted to read ahead while the kids are at school or after they have gone to bed. But, I haven't... YET! :-)

Just my opinion: Even with this recommendation, I think these books are for older children (no younger than 8). As we read, I like to know how things are affecting the kids, what they are thinking. Perhaps these things don't bother you, so skip this paragraph. But, if you are concerned like I was, then read the first book before making a choice. I would suggest that you read the books with your kids or before your kids so that you can discuss certain things with them namely: the myths that talk of mythological gods, gods having children in non-marital relationships, and the occasional phrase "oh my gods!" (which I find offensive and skip over).

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