Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A rainbow in the midst of a sea of kleenex

Now I am sick. The kind of sick that you choose to sleep all day, even ALL of the hours your children are away at school. The kind of sick where you cannot sleep well regardless of the amount of hours you spend in bed. Fevered, then cold, body aches, sore throat, congestion, migraines, an annoying cough... the list goes on a bit more.

Even though my challenges these last few weeks have been very small in comparison to others, this is a week when I didn't want to be mom. I wanted to be the one taken care of, or at least the one left alone to sleep my way through the week. I have less ambition to tackle the dishes, feed the family, wake the kids for school and settle their tiffs. Basic stuff has been a sacrifice.

In the middle of my self-pity I have seen a rainbow this week, and it is beautiful. I did find beauty in the middle of a sea of Kleenex and a foggy brain on cold medicine. I was blessed with sweet parents willing to come take one child to his martial arts class, children who surprise me by cleaning the house while I am away at a the pharmacy, a son who offers to rub my feet when I complain of the aches spreading to them, and a daughter who decides to bless me this week with taking her showers without begging, pleading and threats. (Just kidding about the threats, sorta.)

I just feel so blessed that joy in my family can be felt even when I am fevered. I no longer resent the "chore" of caring for them while I am feeling miserable, only grateful that I have them around when I am feeling miserable. I am also grateful to discover that joy in family life doesn't mean that life has to be going well, there are things that bring happiness even in the middle of life's challenges, big or small.

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