Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Growing Your Self-Improvement Muscles"

OUCH!! It's been forever since I posted!

Well, we are now owners of a fancy new computer and I should be able to get my act together. Our old dinosaur was just so fickle... of course there is more than one way to upload photos and I should really put on my problem solving cap and figure it all out. It's not my favorite thing to do. In fact I think it causes migraines... at least for me. I promise to get over my bad attitude and I have just the inspiration to do it!

Check out THIS post from Messy Moms!

It is titled Growing Your Self-Improvement Muscles! Catchy, fun title! I love the quote: “You can make radical changes in minute steps.” I think that some valuable wisdom is shared there AND it is just perfect timing with New Years Resolutions or goals that we may have set. No motivation to accomplish a goal or task? We can all do "minute steps". How many times have we had to do something for 5 minutes that we absolutely hate?? 5 minutes is here and gone quickly! We can do almost ANYTHING for only 5 minutes... and if we can't we can do it for 60 seconds and build up from there, right? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

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