Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to fix a cake blunder PART 1

I searched the web for a great cake for our son's 9th birthday. We planned a party at a local hobby store where they have a big track set up with jumps, etc... for R/C cars. I found the perfect cake. Simple enough for me to do myself (so I thought), and adorable. You will find that HERE.

I thought what a great time to try out a new recipe. I usually use the boxed cake mixes when I make cake, which isn't that often, a few times a year. I've been trying to expand my collection of "tried and true" recipes, no better time to add a homemade yellow cake recipe! So, I went to the queen of baking: BAKERELLA and found her favorite recipe. How could I go wrong? Well, Bakerella I am NOT! Look at my results:

What did I do wrong? Still not exactly sure. I just knew I didn't have the time to start over.

Time for plan B. Walmart bakery was Plan B. Went there at 10pm and found a big enough cake with suitable colors.

Removed the decorations and the icing off the top.

See PART 2

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