Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting the 411 on movies!

ON MOTHERHOOD: I found one more web-site that deserves a great shout-out from me! I really like for giving the 411 on the movies out there.

Earlier today Scotty and I were talking with the kids about the "world's ratings" vs. "our own ratings". You see they really believe that what is appropriate for one person or family is appropriate for ours. It's the "well, so-and-so is doing it!" argument.

I'm ULTRA picky and conservative when it comes to what my kids watch on tv and in the movies. It's not always easy to understand what "suggestive behavior and mild crude humor" means, you know? I cringe at the alarming amount of times I am watching a "kids show" and there is some mature undertones peaking through. Sometimes, I will know of a particular scene or quote on a movie and use it as a teaching opportunity because that is the wise thing for a parent to do. My goal isn't to shelter my kids to an extreme degree, but to protect them from seeing more than I think they can understand or be exposed to based on maturity.

I do think it's a bit unrealistic for me to be "in-the-know" of all the entertainment out there. So, I like and the exact details they give regarding nudity, sex, violence, gore, and profanity in a particular movie. LOVE IT!

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