Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witch Hat Candy Corn Hanger

This was a simple craft that I saw somewhere online and don't remember where. Cute, huh? Simple - gotta LOVE simple! This craft also cost me only about $3 (including the candy)!

I purchased this witch hat at a local craft store (non-chain) a few weeks ago for a different project (which I've abandoned since giving one week + of my life this month to the flu).

To assemble: You will need a generous cut of ribbon, I'd say a bit over 2 feet so you have plenty to make a nice bow. Thread the ribbon through a hole on the outside of the hat, just under the brim. Pull ribbon through to a hole on the opposite side. You should have the ribbon threaded through now with a generous amount of ribbon on each side. Pull the ribbon upwards at the center of the hat to form the loop that hangs on doorknob. Careful to keep the ribbon equal on both sides. Next, I find it easiest to tie the bow by first tying a knot. If you want to, you can secure this with a dab of hot glue. Then tie a bow the size you desire. OPTIONAL: You can also do this with two different ribbons if you want. It can be a bit frustrating to line the ribbon up that way but, worth the effort!
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