Monday, October 5, 2009

Product Shout-Out

So, if there is a product that I just LOVE I'm going to tell you about it. I WISH that these companies were compensating me, but they are not. Not too long ago there existed a particular frozen pasta meal made by a particular brand. This pasta was amazing! My daughter and I loved it! Easy fast lunch, tasted homemade. They must not have heard many shout outs about it because that product no longer exists and my daughter and I lament about it all the time. So here are two products I hope will be around forever, because I love them...


These are called "Monkey Hooks". Now there are actually a few different brand names out there and my dad says they are all the same. Basically instead of drilling a large hole for a screw you drill a tiny little hole and insert this hook (the big long part)into the drilled hole. That is it! No stud necessary and it can really hold a lot of weight! I think they are very clever and if you decide that you don't like the picture where you hung it, you are not left with a large hole to patch up. Nice!

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(Just turn your head like you're eating a taco. I'm not sure why this photo rotated on me. I swear it is right side up in Picassa. So strange.) ANYHOW.... I love Indian food. In fact I'm hoping to eat at one of my favorite Indian Restaurants this weekend!

The Amy's brand is sort of a hit or miss with me. Some of it I really dislike, others I absolutely love! This is a yummy curry wrap filled with potatoes, peas and tofu. Tofu takes on the taste of whatever it is cooked with/in. It is basically there for protein. If you have been wanting to try tofu, this is an excellent quick lunch. Two minutes in the microwave and TONS of yummy flavor!

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  1. I might have to try that. I love Indian food too!