Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spooky Treats

At last the long anticipated day came for my kids. Every year we do caramel apples. I usually wait until closer to Halloween, but last year I decided I needed to space all of the activities throughout the month. MUCH better, we have too many traditions to keep up with for only a day or two of fun!

About the caramel apples... they don't look the best. Ah, well. I decided to try a new recipe this year and it was a mistake. My fault, for not reading through the entire directions before dumping all of the ingredients in the pan. The caramel tasted yummy, but was not quite as thick as it needed to be. We didn't have a candy thermometer on hand, so we sort of had to eye ball it. Yeah, I AM that type of cook.

This cute little ghost is a twinkie (well at least three quarters of a twinkie). He is frosted white with two mini M&Ms for eyes. My favorite of the spooky treats ended up being the box mix brownies. We drew skeletons on them with a white cake decorating writing tube. It was so easy and the kids did an outstanding job! We had a lot of fun making these treats at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.
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